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Georgetown Milling Company LLC is a wood flooring, baseboard, counter top, side paneling, and wainscot manufacture based out of Georgetown, California. We produce unique, quality designs made mostly from pine, and deliver accurate, smooth finished wood. We have additional wood products as well, select Products tab to review.

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About Georgetown Milling Co.

Georgetown Milling Co. is a family operated business. We specialize in all wood products: baseboards, crown moulding, flooring, custom slabs for counter and table tops. Products are milled from local trees that are harvested from burn and project areas throughout the El Dorado Forest.

Logs are selected for a specific cut and then run through a band saw or chainsaw mill. After the cuts, wood is kiln dried, there after cut to specification in linear feet. It is at this stage that moulding can be done to get the most acurate cut for a unique finish.

Our goal at Georgetown Milling Company is to provide high quality pine products that are harvested locally and responsibly. We stand behind the work we do and take pride in helping our customers beautify the inside of their homes with pine finishing.

Owner and operator, with the chainsaw mill

Tongue and groove flooring

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